So I've several handcrafted fine art albums in my collection. Check them all out in my studio if you like. My all day wedding package includes a handcrafted fine art album 25x25 cm with 40 pages featuring the highlights of your wedding day. You get a  fine art handcrafted album of 30 x 30 cm with 60 pages for 495 euros already.

Album qualifications: Cover board: FSC certified 100% recycled material. Paper: Fine-Art from sustainable sources, PEFC certified from sustainable sources. Ink: Hybrid Water & Pigment based. Leather: Sourced from suppliers committed to sustainability and the ethical treatment of animals. End sheets: 100% from sustainable sources. End boards: 90% recycled, 10% from sustainable sources.  Shipping protetection: Bio Nuggets 100% biodegradeable. Shipping carton: 100% recycled cardboard. Shipping PostNL: Carbon neutral. Hosting provider: Carbon Neutral.