What's the most important for me is to create amazing pictures for my wedding couples. Sometimes I'm lucky to create an excellent picture that I like to show to the world. So I enter international wedding photography contests. There are a bunch of contests all over the world but nowadays I only enter just one or two a year. Every time I succeed in winning an award it gives me that feeling of immense gratitude, not only for my wedding couples but also for my loved ones who support me and believe in me. 

I'm a member of ISPWP, international Society of Professional Wedding Photographers and I'm proud to be a member of Fearless Photographers,  a unique photography directory of the world's best wedding photographers who are not afraid to push the limits of professional wedding photography to surprise you with extraordinary photos of your wedding day.

The Masters of Wedding Photography  was established because Dutch wedding photographers felt the need for an award to appreciate the best Dutch and Belgian wedding photography. This is why the photos are assessed solely by a jury consisting of experienced wedding photographers. It is an educational experience for the photographers to participate in this competition, because their photos are judged at the highest level. If someone wins an award, it is a wonderful appreciation for their work and a sign that they are on the right track. Photographers can also draw a great deal of inspiration from other winning photos, and learn from them. For bridal couples it is important to have a clear distinction in quality between the many Dutch and Belgian photographers. The Masters of Wedding Photography is a wonderful way to make that distinction clear to everyone looking for an exceptionally good wedding photographer.

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