Privacy policy Huib Vintges Photography 


It goes without saying that Huib Vintges Photography handles all of your data confidentially. This document is the Privacy Policy in which you can read how Huib Vintges Photography gathers & manages your personal data. If you have any questions about this policy, then please do not hesitate to ask via the email address below. 


1. About me 

Thank you for visiting this website! If you have questions about the Privacy Policy, or if you have a request regarding your rights, please find the contact details below: 

Huib Vintges Photography 

KvK-nummer: 52666271 

E-mail address: [email protected] 


2. Personal data 

These are the personal data Huib Vintges Photography gathers and manages: 

a. Name: first and last name 

b. E-mail address 

c. (Mobile) Telephone number 

d. Address; 


Specific information you provide, ie wedding date & location. 

Special Personal Data Huib Vintges Photography gathers & manages: 

Portraits (from which specific data & details can be extracted) 

How does Huib Vintges Photography collect your personal data? 

The personal data Huib Vintges Photography manages, were collected after you provided these; through email accounts or collected using public registers, for example but not limited to the registry of the Chamber of Commerce (KvK). 


3. Purposes 

For these purposes Huib Vintges Photography gathers & manages your personal data: 

Your Personal Data are only gathered & managed in ways permitted by law and for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. 


Request and tender 

Please feel free to contact Huib Vintges Photography about a possible photo shoot. In order to put together a tender please provide all your personal contact data which hopefully will also be used the invoice. In case you opt out and not book Huib Vintges Photography, your personal data will be kept on file up to eight (8) years, starting from the last contact moment between you and Huib Vintges Photography. The reason for this is because it enables Huib Vintges Photography to justify their existence as photographer to the Tax Authorities. The data are also kept to allow an overview and analysis of all tenders that were put together and sent out. 


Commission Contract 

When we enter into a Commission Contract, your Personal Data will be gathered and managed. 

This includes: 

– name & physical address 

– (mobile) telephone number 

– email address 


in order to be able to contact you regarding the Commission Contract (ie send you information, discuss specifics of the photo shoot and to be able to deliver to you the end product). Your Personal Data are a requirement; without these data it is not possible to enter into a Commission 



Once a Commission Contract comes into effect, your Personal Data is required for invoicing and therefore will be recorded. This includes name & email address; as well as all other data relevant for correct invoicing. Upon payment of invoice, bank account number and bank account holder name will be visible to Huib Vintges Photography. Invoices and payments are recorded and kept for eight (8) years, as by law required. Data not used for invoicing, portfolio, archives or licensing will be deleted once product (read: photographs) have been delivered and thus Commission Contract has been completed. Upon request, data will be deleted provided this data is not part of the required data to complete the Commission Contract, nor is it part of the justified interest of Huib Vintges Photography or part of the data legally required to comply with (administrative) law. 



When you commission Huib Vintges Photography to take your pictures, an agreement will be drawn up; a so-called Commission Contract that specifies the rights to use the pictures. The right to use pictures will be specified in a license. Your data (physical address and all other relevant data) will be kept on file for -at least- the duration of the license in order to safe-guard the agreement specified in Commission Contract & license; and in order to be able to contact you with regards to the license. 


(Portrait) photographs 

During the execution of the Commission, portrait photographs can be taken in which you will be clearly and identifiable visible. These Personal Data are also gathered and managed for the correct and professional execution of the Commission Contract that Huib Vintges Photography has entered with their client. I will deliver these photographs to Client as part of the end product. Huib Vintges Photography has a justifiable right to manage your portrait photographs, namely the artistic interest and also an interest in using their artistic work to run & manage Huib Vintges Phorography as a 

business. Fr example to promote a portfolio of work. Your personal privacy and -above mentioned- interests for Huib Vintges Photography have been weighed. In most cases, the data involved are data that have been made public and provided by you yourself. Huib Vintges Photograpy owns intellectual property of the photographs and copyright lies with Huib Vintges Photography. Therefore, these artistic works are kept & managed in archives and portfolio. 


E-mail & other contact 

When you contact Huib Vintges Photography with a question or a request for [additional] information, you will be answered using your contact information. This is the reason why your contact details are gathered & managed: in order to service you. This is noted as a justifiable right to do so. As Huib Vintges Photography would like to keep a record of whom they have been in contact with, your Personal Data will be kept up to eight (8) years after the last moment of contact.  


4. Distribution  

Recipients of Personal Data 

Huib Vintges shares your Personal Data with the following third parties, among which are data hosting providers: 

E-commerce provider whose service enables Huib Vintges Photograpy to share photographs with you; 

Manufacturer of photo album(s); 

Website hosting provider; 

E-mail software; 

Pay services; 

Cloud back-up; 

Services used to transfer files; 

Photo editing software; 

Social media outlets used for publication of photographs for the purpose to create, manage and maintain a 

personal, though also public, reach. 

Huib Vintges Photography has an agreement with mentioned third parties in which these parties are 

bound to safe-guard and respect your privacy. 


Distribution third countries 

Huib Vintges Photography gathers & manages Personal Data as much as possible within the EER, however occasionally services from outside the EER are the only best possible option. These service provides are located in countries that have been appointed as adequate by the European Commission. 

When parties are recipient of your Personal Data, but are not located in a deemed -adequate- country then provisions are in effect to safe-guard your data. In most caste, the EU model clauses have been applied here. A copy is available for you, upon request. 



If you click links on the Huib Vintges Photography website, these links may lead you to websites of other parties. Please be aware that other party websites will use cookies. It is advisable to check the Cookies /Privacy Policy of these other party websites. Huib Vintges Photography Privacy Policy / Cookie policy applies only to the Huib Vintges Photography website. Once you visit other websites via links on the Huib Vintges Photography website, the other parties Privacy / Cookie policy comes into effect and is in no way connected to the Huib Vintges Photography policies. 


5. Rights 

In case you would like to know your rights and how you may influence the gathering & management of your Personal Data, then Huib Vintges Photography is happy to inform you. If you like to exercise your rights, then please send an email to: [email protected]


Right of access, correction & deletion 

You have the right to know which Personal Data of you are gathered & managed and you have the right to request correction or deletion of these data. 


Restriction of processing 

You have the right to request restriction of processing your Personal Data, for example when the data are no longer accurate or the processing is unlawful, Huib Vintges Photography no longer has a need for your Personal Data or pending a decision regarding your objection against processing of your Personal Data. 


Right to object 

You have the right to object to processing of your Personal Data. When you object to the use of your Personal Data for direct marketing purposes, then your Personal Data will no longer be used for this purpose. 


Data portability 

You have the right to receive your Personal Data from Huib Vintges Photography in a structured, conventional way and in a form readable for data processing. This to allow you transport of these data to another party, provided you have given Huib Vintges Photography permission to gather & manage your Peronal Data and when the processing of data has happened in an automated manner. 


Revoke permission 

When Huib Vintges Photography has been the recipient of your Personal Data for a specific purpose and has received the data with your consent, you have the right to revoke your consent at all times. The revocation of consent will not prejudge the legality of gathering & managin your Personal Data 

prior to your revocation of consent. 



If you have any complaints about how Huib Vintges Photography gathers & manages your Personal Data, you have the right to file a complaint with the competent authorities, ie Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. 


6. Protection of Personal Data 

Huib Vintges Photography has precautions in place -both organizational and on a technical level- to protect personal data from loss or illegitimate ways to collect the data. These precautions fit a security level appropriate for the data Huib Vintges Photography gathers & manages. 


7. Cookies 

For an optimized use of this website and to personalize ads on this website to your preferences this website uses cookies. A cookie is a small message file given to a web browser by a website. The browser stores the message in a text file. The message is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server. More information on cookies on the website of Consuwijzer [ 

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policy: [] 


8. Social media 

Huib Vintges Photography facilitates for you a sharing of content from the website on Instagram. You can share using the social media buttons. Please read Instagram's policy on how they gather & manage your Personal Data, here: []. 


9. Changes 

In the event that this Privacy Policy changes by changing or integrating a new way to run Huib Vintges Photography, the new Privcay Policy will be published on the website. In case these changes affect you directly, then the changes will be communicated with you directly